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Right of withdrawal

Extracted from general terms and conditions (ยง 6):

(1) Right of withdrawal

You can withdraw your contractual statement within one month in text form without stating any reasons (e.g. letter, fax, email) or - if you receive the articles before the expiry of the term - by returning the article. The term begins after the receipt of these instructions in text form, however not before the receipt of the goods by the receiver (in the case of recurring delivery of equivalent goods not before the receipt of the first partial delivery). In order to adhere to the withdrawal period, sending the withdrawal or the goods in due time will be sufficient. The withdrawal must be addressed to:

ul. Wyszynskiego 34/17
PL-70-203 Szczecin

(2) Withdrawal of services

In the case of an effective withdrawal, mutually received services must be returned and benefits obtained (e.g. interest) must be refunded, if applicable. If you are not able to completely or partly return the services received, or only in a deteriorated state, you will have to pay compensation for the respective value, if applicable. This does not apply to the surrender of goods, if the deterioration of the item can be exclusively ascribed to its checking - as it would have been possible at the shop.

(3) Withdrawal consequences

Items available for shipping as a package must be returned at one's own risk. You must bear the return costs, if the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered goods, and if the price of the item to be returned does not exceed an amount of 60 USD, or if the compensation or a contractually arranged partial payment have not been made at the time of the withdrawal in the case of a higher price of the item. If this is not the case, return will be free of charges for you. Items not available for shipping as a package will be picked up from your premises. Obligations of refunding payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For you, the term will begin with the sending of your statement of withdrawal of the goods, and for us with their receipt.

(4) Limitations of Right of Withdrawal

This withdrawal right is not relevant for goods made on the basis of specifications of the customer, or which are clearly tailored to personal needs of the customers. This is particularly true for products that are printed by name at the request of the customer. The customer knows that he has to give the magspoint by ordering such products, the precise instructions for the manufacture of the goods.