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About us

A collector meets a programmer

What will happen if a collector meets a programmer? This site is the answer for this question. On one hand we want to get rid of duplicate magazines and gadgets from our collection that have been gathering on a pile. On the other hand we wanted to create our private alternative for big auction sites like ebay and give the collectors possibility to manage their own collections, especially to create the list of the magazines they own (together with categorization of the quality) as well as creating a list with the magazines they are missing with a possibility to be notified by e-mail when the magazine will be available in our offer. This is our goal that we consistently are pursuing.

Our long year collector experience and a constant extension of our private collection allowed us to establish contacts with different collectors and suppliers from different countries. This leads to a situation where we are in possession of many duplicates that we want to make available to other collectors. If you are interested in our project, we are ready to sell your collections through our platform. Time will show where this experiment will lead us. The bottom line is, we want to create a place for collectors of magazines and other items associated with the life of stars to let them complete their own collection on in the same time extend our own.

We hope that you will find some items in our archive that will let you complete your collection. We also belief that our growing platform with all its functions can offer you more that just a shopping site and our still growing offer will come to your expectations. Therefor we hope to get a feedback from you with your remarks and comments on how to extend the functionality of our platform, its look and feel, and make it more friendly to a regular collector. Just tell us how you would do it and why is it better and we will make sure to send you a small voucher to express our thanks to you.

If you have any other ideas how we could cooperate together? Don't hesitate to let us know. We are open to any idea that can make us grow bigger and bring benefits to the users of our site.